Is access to the systems automating your business processes appropriate?

Common challenges and issues:

  • How to maintain control during continuous organizational change?

  • How do we know that the access controls are appropriate for our organization?

  • How do you ensure you have captured all the relevant access related restrictions?

  • How do you ensure you are continuous complaint with the access restrictions?
How we can support you

Milton Alexander has developed ALERT™ (Application Listing of Entitlements and Risk Tool) which is a common application security tool designed to provide an overview of the access rights and risks assigned to each system user.
It can be used to develop specific Role Based Access Control (RBAC) solutions either for single applications or as part of an identity management solution incorporated into the ongoing security integrity process. This will help ensure that the controls enabled by application security are always in compliance.

The key to the usefulness of this exercise is ensuring the conflict list can be established and maintained appropriately. Generic conflict listings are widely available, however these need to be constantly tailored to the company specific environments. Milton Alexander incorporates the conflict and sensitive access listing maintenance as an integral part of the overall COGS™ methodology and solution.