Do you have an effective grasp of management of governance and risk across your enterprise?

Common challenges and issues:

  • Complex and changing set of requirements.

  • Ambiguous ownership of the risk management area.

  • Difficult to consolidate controls solutions for the varied processes in use by the organization.

  • How do you best capture and manage your organization’s control environment?
How we can support you:

Milton Alexander has developed COGS™ (Controls Oriented Governance Structure). It is a web-based controls repository which encompasses the functionality and reporting features to ensure the capture, presentation and utilization of controls information together with the related testing and validation steps.

COGS™ forms the basic foundation of a controls environment and is designed to ensure demonstrable compliance with all the known controls driver requirements (i.e. SOX, HIPPA, etc.) and is scalable to accommodate likely future controls drivers also.

The overall COGS™ solution enables the practical realization of the IIA Research Foundation’s eSAC (electronic Systems Assurance and Control) model and in so doing enables an organization wide understanding of the controls environment together with clearly defined controls ownership.