Performance Risk & Reward

There are two opposing forces at work for every internal and external business action taken by your company: the risk side and the reward side. Milton Alexander offers a comprehensive risk management as well as a performance improvement solution that addresses both internal and external risks and opportunities the enterprise is facing.

We provide implementation methodologies for each of the risk solutions we provide, and integrate each of the risk solutions in a holistic, yet standardized, industry best practices based approach. COGS™ (Control Oriented Governance Structure) is a methodology of managing opportunity and risk, in addition to being a comprehensive and automated enterprise application. It works on its own, with other Milton Alexander toolsets, and in conjunction with other third party tools that reduce risk.

The methodologies build upon the integrated nature of the various types of business risk, processes, current technology systems, and are balanced across the needs of multiple business functions. Milton Alexander utilizes risk convergence - integrating various methods of measuring and improving performance in strategic risk, business process risk, IT governance and compliance, and audit to provide a desired long-term control process that is easily embedded with minimal overheads.

The complete list of our solutions is as follows –
1.    Corporate Performance Management
2.    IT Strategy & Governance
3.    Outsourcing Process Improvement
4.    Data Loss Prevention Business Advisory
            Risk Assessments
            Data Mapping
            Digital Removable & Transportable Media
            Data Loss Prevention Integration
5.    Application Development Testing & Quality Assurance
6.    Business Process & Systems Integrity
            QA/ERP Controls Project Management
            ERP Pre-implementation Controls Compliance
            ERP & Systems Controls Compliance
            Application Security Modeling
7.    Continuity Planning, & Recovery (CPR)
            Business Continuity Planning
            Disaster Recovery
            Critical Infrastructure Protection & Community Preparedness (CIP&P)