Does your new automated system effectively optimize the use of its control features while minimizing the burden to the organization?

Common challenges and issues:

  • How to create a control environment that can be maintained with an automated process?
  • How do you align risks to the new process model?
  • How do you design and integrate the necessary controls into the solution?

It is often difficult to embed the appropriate control mechanisms into the complicated automated processes which are typical with Business or Enterprise Resource Planning applications. The most common challenge is how to integrate the controls related activity into the rest of the implementation process.

It is generally accepted that the optimum time to incorporate process controls is when the processes are being designed. The added advantage to incorporate controls design into the process design activity is that as the new environment is being implemented and the related processes are in a state of change, the control enhancements are accepted as an overall part of the new process. The ultimate result is that the redesigned process incorporates the controls and the organization cannot differentiate between a standard process and one that incorporates the added integrity components.

How we can support you:

Milton Alexander professionals have comprehensive experience of ERP systems configuration and control features that can be utilized to provide the optimum controls solution and leverage the automated functionality to minimize the overall control burden cost. Our process experience can also help to streamline the overall design and simplify the system enabled processes.

Milton Alexander’s Our pre-implementation controls compliance methodology also augments the standard ERP project methodologies and has been designed to link together the activities of the different project disciplines and their related deliverables. The methodology can be utilized with the Milton Alexander solutions which have also been designed to fit into the standard project tool-set and facilitate the related integrity deliverables.