Can you ensure that your access related controls are consistently managed and current?

Common challenges and Issues:

  • What access controls are actually relevant for the organization?
  • How do we ensure ongoing compliance with our access related controls?
  • How do you design a solution that allows an organization to continually and effectively manage its access security enabled controls?

Since the application security model is a critical and integral part of an overall controls solution, and arguably the single biggest enabler of system controls while also being the most dynamic – it is critical that security solutions are well thought out and a comprehensive security process is established to manage this area.

How we can support you:

Milton Alexander professionals have designed and built security to meet the demands of various organizations’ role based access control (RBAC) methodologies and approaches. We have presented on the standard structure of RBAC and how it fits into an overall controls solution/environment at various American SAP User Groups (ASAP) Security and Controls Special Interest Group (SIG) gatherings and at Network Application Consortium (NAC) meetings. We have a comprehensive understanding of the subject and proven solutions available to employ.

In addition to the preconfigured RBAC security solutions for the main ERP applications Oracle, SAP, PeopleSoft, and other systems, we also utilize the proprietary ALERT™ tool and related methodology to help configure the most appropriate RBAC solution for our clients. Milton Alexander’s application security methodology clearly breaks down the task required to create an RBAC solution and is designed so it can be applied to both pre and post system implementation timeframes. In a post implementation mode the methodology covers all the remedial actions necessary to define the company RBAC technical standards as well as the related security processes, while minimizing the potential disruption that access changes may cause.