Is your IT organization effectively aligned and managed to carry out your business strategy?

Common challenges & issues:

  • Aligning IT Strategy with the business strategy.

  • Translating strategy and goals down into business process and technology drivers.

  • Getting the IT organization to function as a fiscal business unit, and not simply as provider of technology.

  • Agreement on an IT control framework (COSO, ITIL, ISO) to be adopted as a governance structure and adopted for best practices throughout the organization.

  • Measuring IT's performance.
  • Escalating costs with auditing the IT function.
IT Strategy & Governance is a subset of corporate governance, and is focused on the business focus of IT management, alignment of IT strategy as a full business participant in corporate strategy, and relies upon for it’s success a framework for effectively managing information technology people, processes, as well as fiscal and technology assets.

How can we support you?
  • Working with the strategy planning process to align IT with corporate strategic goals as part of the Corporate Performance Management function.

  • Managing the IT function as a business unit, and reward executives and managers for driving profits.

  • Provide an automated structure for risk and governance, using the COGS™ application.

  • Create a governance model that reduces cost and duplication of audit efforts.