Are your automated solutions developed with the appropriate control mechanisms in place?

Common challenges & issues:

  • Systems solutions do not effectively address controls issues.
  • How do you ensure that the automated solution successfully addresses the associated process and systems risks?

  • How do maximize the optimal automated control component?
  • How do you successfully test that the controls are working appropriately before the systems ‘go-live’?
  • Are you able subsequently validate that the system controls are still valid and working?

How can we support you:

Milton Alexander’s professionals have many years of experience successfully addressing risks and incorporating controls into automated solutions, ranging from point solutions to fully integrated and complex ERP (enterprise resource planning) applications.

Through the use of mature and tested methodologies we can help to ensure that all the risks are captured, the related controls mechanisms are developed, optimized and tested both prior to the system go-live and clearly document for subsequent compliance testing.