What Data Loss Prevention Initiatives Should Protect My Business?

Common challenges & issues:

  • Is Data Loss Prevention critical to my organization from a business perspective, a regulatory perspective, or both?
  • How do you define and deliver data loss prevention to your business?
  • What security, monitoring and privacy models are best for my business?

The use of automated process solutions and integrated systems leads to the problem of sensitive data loss. There is a clear and well known business case for addressing customer data exposures, compliance violations and intellectual property loss in digital environments. The top three pressures propelling data privacy and IT executives to initiate data loss prevention activities are compliance with government & industry regulations, competitive and reputational risk from the loss of internal confidential data, and reputational risk and the cost of a data breach resulting from the loss of customer data. Organizations across all industries are looking to reduce risk through the use of data loss prevention technologies and improved business processes.

Milton Alexander is a thought leader in the data loss prevention and content monitoring space, due to our pioneering view of not looking at DLP as simply a technical integration of the DLP software, but from a holistic integration of data loss and privacy risk management initiatives.

Using our proven methodologies, tools, and project accelerators we are able to rapidly deliver data loss prevention and content monitoring strategies, risk reduction initiatives, and business process integration models that are integrated with corporate risk reduction strategies, security and incident response strategies, reporting, dash boarding, audit, and regulatory compliance requirements.

How can we support you:

  1. Risk Assessments
  2. Data Mapping
  3. Digital Removable & Transportable Media
  4. Data Loss Prevention Integration
  5. Privacy