It’s 10 O’clock, do you know where your data is?

Common challenges & issues:

  • Have you identified what data is key intellectual property, or confidential information that provides a competitive advantage?
  • Do you know what data you have a legal obligation to safeguard due to privacy laws?
  • Once you know what this data is, do you know where it is supposed to be within your enterprise, and what process controls should apply?
  • Do you know what your partners, outsourcing providers, and supply chain is doing with your data? Would you like to find out?

In complex national and international enterprises, most business and IT executives cannot pinpoint the actual location of their data. Data at risk of loss or exposure, the cross border movement of data without proper notification to Data Protection Authorities, or even not being able to identify the location of sensitive data elements all expose the organization to increased risk.

Mapping the location of your confidential and sensitive data demonstrates regulatory compliance and the existence of controls to prevent internal and external data loss. In addition, the data mapping exercise improves business process knowledge, and protects competitive advantage .

How can we support you:

Milton Alexander professionals have pioneered data mapping for privacy considerations. Utilizing two tools and our proprietary methodology, Milton Alexander professionals:

  • Utilize the PrivacyMAP™ automated data assessment tool to map out where your confidential and sensitive data should be.
  • Utilize data at rest DLP technologies to scan the network and discover the exact location of data elements, with options to quarantine or remove out of tolerance data.
  • Create a detailed report identifying the delta between the two tools and a roadmap of how to mitigate the misplaced data without business disruption.
  • Map the risk mitigation current state and future efforts into the COGS™ risk convergence framework for risk reduction and ease of management.