Natural disasters, civil unrest and the threat of terrorism - both domestically and in outsourced locations -have heightened awareness for the need for an effective global risk reduction and business continuity program. More than ever before, organizations are relying on people, facilities, information technology and communication systems, and capital equipment to function effectively in today’s competitive business arena. In a globalized world with an extended supply chain and outsourced suppliers, the reliability and continuity of operations are no longer a competitive advantage, but are now key to business survival.

Businesses are not operating in a vacuum, they operate in living communities. Integrating BCP and DR operations with federal and municipal critical infrastructure protection and community planning initiatives not only demonstrates corporate social responsibility, but decreases corporate risk. Previous emergencies have highlighted the fact that employees whose families and localities are at risk do not respond according to the corporate business continuity plan.

Milton Alexander professionals, possess the ability to aggregate continuity planning and recovery methodologies, risks, controls and processes into an automated, web enabled risk management framework, utilizing the COGS™ application.

Our Continuity Planning, & Recovery (CPR) services are broken down into the following sub–services:

  1. Business Continuity Planning
  2. Disaster Recovery
  3. Critical Infrastructure Protection & Community Preparedness