Are You Ready for the Next Big Disaster?

Common challenges and Issues:

  • Planning processes lack ability for execution - Lack of clarity around roles, assets and exercising of plans.
  • Third-party or outsourcing contracts without disaster recovery SLAs, or adequate testing.
  • No actionable knowledge of where business critical data is located for preventative risk mitigation.

A disaster is no time to be testing the effectiveness of your Disaster Recovery process. Roles should be known, business critical data has been identified, assets have been identified and tested, and leaders should be executing. Recovery is no longer measured in terms of minutes, hours, and days, but instead has translated to continuous availability.
Effective and efficient solutions should be based on a clear understanding of risks – threats, vulnerabilities, likelihood and impact – and should be aligned and integrated with the enterprise IT Strategy & Governance, and Business Continuity plans. The IT systems should be designed for resilience rather than relying on backup, taking the form of enterprise storage management, network redundancy, capacity management, load balancing, and network redundancy.

How we can support you:

  • Extended enterprise Disaster Recovery (DR) planning and testing.
  • Aggregation of all DR planning, risks, methodologies, and processes into an automated, web enabled risk management framework, utilizing the Milton Alexander COGS™ application.
  • Work with corporate and business units and to identify business-critical data.
  • Using PrivacyMAP™ and Data Loss Prevention technologies, identify the locations of business critical data and rest and ensure that they are adequately protected (see Data Mapping and Data Loss Prevention solutions).
  • Identification of data loss tolerance.
  • Establishment of risks and controls to meet recovery time objectives (RTO).
  • Quarterly and Annual Planning Exercises - staff augmentation, after action reviews, and future state planning.
  • Crisis Intervention managers and expertise .
  • Milton Alexander consultants have Department of Defense, Department of Homeland Security, and corporate security experience, including:
  •     Certified Department of Defense Physical Security Officers.
  •     Certified Information Security Officers.