Is your planning process and security model an optimized and workable long term solution?

Common challenges and Issues:

  • What models and methods are you using to assess critical infrastructure and community risk?
  • How do you aligning risk and community readiness between community approaches and DHS models?
  • No comprehensive method of integrating Urban Area Security Initiative (UASI) funding, federal planning guidance, and local level implementation (i.e. Port
  • Security, Critical Infrastructure Protection).
  • Lack of comprehensive planning process for state and local governments to meet FEMA community hazard inventory requirements.
  • Coordination issues between top- down federal planning versus horizontal (standard) community preparedness

How we can support you:

CIP&P improves community readiness by enhancing the CARVER and RAMCAP infrastructure protection systems in use by the Department of Homeland Security (i.e. CARVER, RAMCAP) It improves DHS’s vertical command and control preparedness model, the Urban Areas Security Initiative, by designing a tailored horizontal community-oriented planning process for the protection of cities. This provides a more holistic approach for urban risk and vulnerability assessments by integrating human and social vulnerability methodologies with current physical security protocols.

  • Provides an alternative planning process that accounts for governance structures at the federal, state, and local levels.
  • Provides “full-spectrum” planning process that accounts for complexity of community networks (cyber, physical, and social).
  • Incorporates the expertise of urban planners and public management with disaster preparedness and homeland security operations.
  • Employs the COGS™ software to create an improved metropolitan governance framework with accountability and current status dash boarding.
  • Milton Alexander consultants maintain Top Secret and Secret clearances an have work experience in the City of New York York, Department of Defense and Department of Homeland Security.