How do you assure that your Enterprise Resource Provisioning systems implementations are successful, and have the necessary controls integrity?

Common challenges and issues:

  • How do you align risk to your organization?
  • How do you ensure the ERP controls are appropriate and not too burdensome?
  • How do you then change the system/processes and still mitigate the related risks?

It is often difficult embedding the appropriate control mechanisms in the complicated automated processes typical with Business or Enterprise Resource Planning applications. A common challenge is how to integrate the controls related activity into the rest of the implementation process.

How we can support you:

Typically there are two integrity areas at the project management level:

  • The ‘to-be’ process controls development which encompasses the implementation of the controls environment.
  • The Quality Assurance activity necessary to ensure the success of the project itself.

The tools we have developed, COGS™ and ALERT™, are designed to form part of the resulting compliance process, but also work as an integral part of the overall system implementation project. Our QA/ERP Controls methodology is designed to augment a large number of differing project methodologies (i.e. SAP’s own ASAP implementation methodology) to accommodate the specific integrity activities and deliverables.

Milton Alexander’s professionals bring years of experience of both controls implementation and project quality assurance at the Project Management Office (PMO) level. Leveraging big four and corporate experience in the systems implementation and SOX compliance arena, we are able to provide objective and independent assistance to help manage overall project integrity as well as its related components.